Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Always Disable Auto-Run Basic to In-depth Home Computer Security Guide Page 10

Always Disable Auto-Run

It is Recommended that we should always Disable Auto-Run because most of the viruses and trojans infects the system through running itself in background by running hidden autorun.inf file whenever you insert a removable device like cd, pendrive etc. Disabling Auto-Run is something we think everyone should do, not only for security from viruses and spyware, but so you'll never need to deal being unable able to listen to your music on your devices. Here's how to do it in Windows XP.

In Windows Click Start, then Click Run

Type regedit

Click OK

Click >


Double click "Autorun" the value is set to 1 by default, change it to zero.

Click OK

Now restart, that's it


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