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Mobile Security Basic to In-depth Home Computer Security Guide Page 16

Mobile Security

Mobile Security and the Possible Threats

There are various threats which can affect the mobile users. For example, sending multimedia messages and text messages to the expensible toll free numbers, unknowingly by clicking yes for a message received through mobile phone. Now-a-days many malicious programs try to get access to mobile phones and laptops and steal the personal information from it. In order to avoid these kind of incidents and to make your mobile devices secured following tips should be followed.

Countermeasures for Securing Mobile Devices

·Be careful while downloading the applications through Bluetooth or as MMS attachments. They may contain some harmful software which will affect the mobile phone.

·Keep the Bluetooth connection in an invisible mode unless you need some user to access your mobile phone or laptops. If an unknown user tries to access the mobile phone or laptop through blue tooth, move away from the coverage area of blue tooth so that it automatically gets disconnected.

·Avoid downloading the content in to mobile phone or laptop from an untrusted source.

·Delete the MMS message received from an unknown user without opening it.

·Read the mobile phone's operating instructions carefully mainly regarding the security settings, pin code settings, Bluetooth settings, infrared settings and procedure to download an application. This will help in making your mobile phone secure from malicious programs.

·Activate the pin code request for mobile phone access. Choose a pin which is unpredictable and which is easy to remember for you.

·Use the call barring and restriction services provided by operators, to prevent the applications that are not used by you or by your family members.

·Don't make you mobile phone as a source for your personal data, which is dangerous if it falls in to the hands of strangers. It is advisable not to store important information like credit card and bank cards passwords etc in a mobile phone.

·Note the IMEI code of your cell phone and keep it in a safe place. This helps the owner to prevent access to the stolen mobile. The operator can block a phone using the IMEI code.

·Regularly backup important data in the mobile phone or laptop by following the instructions in the manual.

·Define your own trusted devices that can be connected to mobile phone or laptop through Bluetooth.

·Use free cleansing tools which are available in the Internet to make your mobile work normally, when ever it is affected by malicious softwares.

Effects of Malicious Softwares on Mobile Phones

Malicious softwares affect the mobile phone in several ways. Some of the examples are:

* Increased phone bills as trojans, which were installed with some other application may send SMS to unknown numbers.

* Spyware that has entered in to the mobile phone through Bluetooth transfer may transfer personal information to the outside network.

* Worms may disturb the phone network by spreading from one mobile to other through Bluetooth transfer, infrared transfer or through MMS attachments.


·IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identifier which is of around 15 or 17 digit number, which is unique for each and every mobile device. When a mobile is lost the owner of the mobile can ask the operator to block the mobile from working by giving the IMEI number of that mobile phone to the operator.


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