Saturday, April 5, 2014

InVision Rate Limiting Bypass

How I was able To Bypass InVision Rate Limiting

I want to share one of my finding on InVision which I have reported to them on 16th March 2014.

I have found that InVision following Url was vulnerable to Bruteforce attacks even when the Rate-Limting is implement for all the InVision users account and even when the victims account is locked.

So first I tried to do the Status Code Value or Response Code Value Analysis but it was same as 200 for all Right & Wrong Password attempts also the error message was generic for all Right & Wrong Password Attempts.

Then I tried to do the Length Code Value Analysis and I found that for Right Password the Length Code Value always Same and Constant as 7501 from the Wrong Password Length Code Values.

But there were 2 drawbacks 1st that in real world scenario how an attacker will know the Length Code Value for the Right Password of the victims account because the Length Code Value may vary for each victims account and the 2nd drawback was that even if the attacker get the Right Password he can't get logged into the victims account as it was getting locked once the Rate Limting is enabled.

So to find that I created 5 dummy accounts on InVision and then I checked the each dummy accounts Right Passwords Length Code Values and I found that it was again same as 7501 for each of those dummy accounts different Right Passwords. So in this way I confirmed that the Right Password Length Code is always Same and Constant for all the Victims(Users) accounts. 

After some Analysis I found that the locked account of the victim is getting automatically unlocked after 30 minutes time. So once the attacker got the Right Password he can then access the victims locked account as it is automatically getting unlocked after 30 minutes time.

Rate Limiting BypassVulnerability POC Screenshot:


In this way the attacker was able to Bypass the Rate Limiting of InVision.


The attacker can successfully bruteforce the passwords on any users acccount even when the rate limiting is enabled and this can lead to account compromise.

The Length Code Value for Right & Wrong Passwords shall always be Same for Any Users Account.

The account shall only be unlocked using a email which contains a Un-Lock account link.

 The vulnerability was mitigated by InVision Security Team within 6 days.

So in this way, one can Bypass Rate Limting and can also compromise the victims account also this technique can be used to find same type of vulnerabilities on different websites.

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